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Discover the Real L.A.


There’s always been underground music, cool places only the locals know and hidden gems in every city, borough and hood. Uncovering these secret swanky spots in South Los Angeles is how Urban Odyssey came to be. Long-time educators, historians and culture curators have come together to design a one-of-a-kind exploration of urban Los Angeles. No two tours are alike because we are always fact-finding, discovering and adding to the journey of the Real LA.

Our visionary spent 30 years in inner city schools. Her career spanned from Compton classrooms to becoming the executive director and founder of two schools. You’re invited to this classroom on wheels to learn how Los Angeles became what it is today. The Urban Odyssey experience is a mixture of good food, history, and the songs of black culture. Roll with us to learn what makes LaLa land a mecca and how Los Angeles was founded by Black pioneers.


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"My favorite part was how we were engaged. We weren't just listening to someone talk - we were watching videos, pictures and news clippings. It made it real."

Tawny Laskar

Santa Monica | CA

"I wasn't aware of how significant black people were to the founding of Los Angeles."

Kobie Conner

Los Angeles | CA

"One of the things that struck me was the different relationships that were fostered between black people and other ethnicities."

Janice Tyler

Sacramento | CA

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